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> Subject: Weird Praxian Question
> For reasons too bizarre to get info, I need to know
> what Praxians wear so I can make some costumes.

Will you post pictures?

> Yes, yes, I know they wear hides, obviously - but
> how do they wear them? Sling 'em over the shoulder,
> toga-style? Punch a hole for the head and
> wear it like a shirt? Fur on or off? Rawhide or
> tanned? Tailored, fringed jackets a la Native
> American from Central Casting?

First off, I think the tribes are all somewhat different. I think there is some guidance in Drastic Prax, but cannot remember what it is. I have a fairly clear mental picture of the Bison people and Impala people (which could, of course, be totally at odds with canon), but less of the others. I think:

In summer, Bison men usually wear a loose vest- or poncho-like garment on top (or go bare-chested) and loin-cloth plus chaps (when riding, which is a lot) on the bottom; Bison women wear a loose one-piece, short-sleeved pull-over dress that comes to about the knee or mid-thigh. Summer is the season when they get to show off clothes, so the men's vest and women's dress will have beadwork adornment in accordance with status. This is all light-wight leather. They may weave a hat from long grass. Both genders wear moccasins.

In winter, I see them in big furry things, with felt underneath. Both genders wear a a long, divided over coat (it has to be big enough to cover their legs while riding). Men wear long-sleeved shirt with pants. Women wear a long-sleeved version fo their summer dress, with a higher neckline and pants underneath. No hats in winter, except maybe for something furry in the coldest times. Both genders wear soft leather boots to mid-calf.

I see Impala people wearing a lot less clothing all year round. In summer, the men walk around in nothing but a loin cloth. Maybe the women, too. Defintely barefoot, or sandals at most. Impala people like the summer time.

They hate the winter, though, and bundle up in many layers of felt. They are not as good at making fur clothing (since their beasts are short-furred), but are very good with felt. I think that both genders wear a long shirt with pants underneath, then another long shirt, perhaps even with overpants. On top of this, they have a long coat (if they have enough fur, this is where it is used) and some sort of head covering. They wear felt boots, fur-lined.

I have less of a picture of High Llama and Sable. Sables dress will be varied, obviously.

High Llama will probably have less beadwork than Bison people, since their beasts do not have proper horns. If I had to come up with something, I'd say their summer dress is a combination of leather and small pieces of fabric made from llama wool. They are not very good weavers, but they really do not need to be. Hand looms are sufficient. This lets the breeze through without letting much light through. I think they go for the Hollywood style fringing. Their boots are hard-soled, year-round.

Their winter clothes will be similar to sheepskin coats on the outside (leather looking outside, furry inside), but they are also water resistant, so the rain just runs off them. This allows their winter clothes to be somewhat lighter than other tribes'. They have some sort of hat. The clothes underneath are probably lighter-weight, for wearing in the tents, perhaps woolen knitted, more likely felt.

Moros wear fur, year-round. :-) Either than, or a herd-man-skin thong. :-(

Chris Lemens

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