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From: Michael O'Brien <>
Date: Wed 20 Aug 2003 - 16:42:24 EEST

>Pete :
> > For reasons too bizarre to get info, I need to know what Praxians wear =
> > so I can make some costumes.
> >
> > Yes, yes, I know they wear hides, obviously - but how do they wear them? =
> > Sling 'em over the shoulder, toga-style? Punch a hole for the head and =
> > wear it like a shirt? Fur on or off? Rawhide or tanned? Tailored, =
> > fringed jackets a la Native American from Central Casting? =20
> >
> > Outside of a few illustrations in Cults of Prax I don't know of any =
> > sources on this - unless you can enlighten me.

>My personal favourite source is the cover of Borderlands, although Praxians
>have also been depicted in TotRM, Drastic:Prax, etc.
>I believe that the general tone is Native American as appearing in Western
>movies, Blueberry comics, etc., although certainly styles would vary from
>tribe to tribe, and clan to clan.

My story "Jaxarte and the Bison Khan" features assorted Praxians and what they wear. It was first published in TotRM #6, but is available on my Glorantha Page, along with most of the other Jaxarte escapades:

I've got a dying khan wrapped up in bison skins, a naked shaman, and a buckskinned gal who dresses her hair in rancid fat. Plus a Lunarised sable rider in ridiculous Kostaddian silk pajamas. And, to cap it off, young Jaxarte ends up spending his summer hols buck naked on the plaines and crazed as a loon (well, lune).


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