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From: Greg Stafford <greg@glorantha.com>
Date: Sun 24 Aug 2003 - 03:36:20 EEST

Hola Friends,
>From: Mikko Rintasaari
>One of the blanks is race.
>Ok, it's not quite blank. We have a rather Aryan
>bunch in the Heortlings
>and the other "barbarian belt" orlanthi. Blondes
>and redheads abound, eyes
>of blue, green and gray. Easy image to grasp.
>Vikings, kelts and germanic

Just for information sake, I´ve generally held that the Heortlings are brown skinned, not white, or pink, as it were. Artists, most European, have tended to draw everyone as pretty much white, though.

>But I for one don't like to see the rest of
>Genertela cast from the same
>mould. It's far more interesting, at least to me,
>to look for variance.

Me too.
The only "aryan types" I´ve promoted are, like in our own Eurasia, crunched in the northwest corner.

>West Europe is such a clish頩n fantasy. Also
>there's a desperate need for
>some cultural basis to use on names. Made up
>"fantasy names" can get
>rather painful after a while.
>So, here's some ideas.
>The Lunar Empire?
>I've always liked the the Solar culture to be more
>or less greek in style.
>The patriarchal Dara Happans naturally bring to
>mind the ancient greeks
>and the empire reminds one of that of persia. The
>Plehora of lunar deities
>is rather indian in style, so one can use that for
>ideas about fashion and

>Still basically your classic "white men", but at
>least not quite so
>nordic (all this coming from a scandinavian, mind

The idea that Persians and even ancient Greeks were white guys is a modern misconception that I, for one, do not hold to.

This is not an attack on Mikko´s ideas or conceptions, but I do want to state, before your discussions start on this, that to me most people in Glorantha are some shade of brown, not anglos.

Greg Stafford

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