Praxian thievery

From: Peter Metcalfe <>
Date: Sun 24 Aug 2003 - 14:41:43 EEST

Tero Pitkanen

>How do [the Praxians] view thievery when
>someone belonging to the same circle of life (follows the Ways of Waha etc.)
>takes/steals something, which belongs to gifts of the Earth, Eiritha and to

Waha! expects us to steal from the other tribes because their beasts and their women are safer in our hands. The other tribes, condemned to herd lesser animals, constantly lust after our own herd-beasts and so attempt to steal them again and again. We are to be vigilant against people of the other tribes because they are scum and give them a good hiding if we catch them sneaking around.

>But what about when a Raven worshiper steals something? They
>exist in every tribe and nation and they`re known to be cunning masters of
>thievery and so on. Worshipers of the Three Feathered Rivals are respected,
>and Raven too, if he/she doesn`t cause any harm to her/his own clan.

Although every Praxian has heard of the Three Feathered Rivals but that does not mean that they are obliged to treat their worshippers with respect. Given that Raven is a trickster, it would be unusual for his worshippers not to steal from his tribe. I think instead that most Praxians upon meeting a Raven worshipper would demand that the worshipper prove himself by undergoing the Thunderbird test - i.e. they try and beat him up and the Raven worshippers tries to get away.

--Peter Metaclfe

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