Scorpion folk

From: Peter Metcalfe <>
Date: Sun 24 Aug 2003 - 15:18:49 EEST

Keith Nellist:

>One was the
>restriction on marriage - only those of a certain status are allowed to

It doesn't quite read like that. The RQ II cult writeup says that Rune Lords and Rune Priests may marry but says nothing about the eligibility of initiates. I get the impression this is a holdover from the Cults of Prax in which the marriage requirements of the Rune Lords and Priests were carefully stipulated.

The Lords of Terror writeup omits the statements about marriage but at the same time, it says that "The victor [acolyte] gains the _wives_ [my emphasis] and husbands of the [loser acolyte], and will assume her status in the tribe if she can retain it" while the next sentence goes "Only females may become acolytes" LoT p42. Hmm.

Part of the problem is that scorpions aren't social creatures like ants or termites which the original writeup appears to assume.

>The second peculiar thing was the feeble result of Ceremonial devouring -
>skills to 25%! not worth bothering surely? It has better results for
>and so on so I thought it should be given a boost in a HQ write up.

In Gods of Glorantha, it was a few percentiles in any skill or a chance at learning a spell.

>The third was the time delay for the Ritual of Rebirth which didn't seem to
>serve much of a purpose.

I assume this is a reference to the four hours of the ritual? IMO the queen devours as many captives as she can during that period in order to reproduce, which implies that she can reproduce only through this magic.

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