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Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2000 20:12:26 +0200

Hi all,

Ybot 3 is at the printers and will be available at Convulsion (this is a bit more than an Orlanthi (85%) promise).

We were overwhelmed by the amount of material that was submited this time. It was just too much to be published at once. We are sorry for each word, each article we could not include in Ybot 3 due to various reasons.

Despite this we hope that the authors and artists not published this time will still work with us in the future. We are certainly looking foreward to work with you again next year.

TABLE OF CONTENTS The Fall and Rise of Heroes of the King
The Red Folk Leave
The Wind Blows also Softly
The Return of Hargart the Liberator
A Boy and His Alynx

Fires of Mist and Wind-Blown Snow

Pavis and Big Rubble Companion Volume 1: The Cult of Pavis
The Cult of Opili
Holiday Glorantha: The 'Real City' of Old Pavis Zebra Fort and the Stockade
The Dwarfs of Pavis
The New Flitnail Temple
The Rubble Trackers
Mani's Fort
The Flintnail Tunnels

A Rough Visit to Glamour

Ernalda Initiation
The Hero Wars Cult of Eusibus
"We Hate Darjini Usurpers"

Innsmouth 2000
The Creators of Life

Kingdoms of the Middle Sea
Meliadus - My Part in His Downfall

We will offer a special *nice price* offer for everybody that would like to obtain Ybot 3 and Ybot 2 at once.

More information at Convulsion or from:
Andre Jarosch <Osentalka_at_TQLO21UogJnn8mAkTbr5luQmN-V8XH4DJIq3mFm_iNk3cJoVoqFng8g-O9-tLhtGlvLEQ89l_5AZ.yahoo.invalid> Fabian Kuechler <fabian.kuechler_at_Dl3P_LtL2btyF7tcGj9kCA-t9UQNbLS7J_Bshm5FcDFxeQwLXnNTIjGUh071i_QPaFWtYG9Yoq-L7r2LMsgRROyay8ZLMnMB-isU.yahoo.invalid>

You can send orders!

Coming soon!

The Pavis and Big Rubble Companion
Volume 2

The Pavis and Big Rubble Companion Volume 2 contains a series of adventures through the Old City,
including 2 more detailed descriptions of original Rubble locations, and the complete Hero Wars cultural,
religious and professional keywords for generating Heros and Narrator characters from both New and Old Pavis.
Pre-orders now being accepted.

Ingo Tschinke, Schevemoorer Landstrasse 33, D-28325 Bremen, Germany

Fabian Kuechler

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