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I think the Heortling element is much more recent than the destruction of the Big Rubble. Wasn't the city a part of the EWF at that time?


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|> << The farmer god of Pavis county is Barntar and/or Orlanth
|the Farmer. There
|> was no Pavis county before Dorasar's coming, only a few
|river people & maybe
|> some Oasis people. Today, Pavis county is still
|predominantly composed of
|> Heortlings from Sartar & Tarsh. >>
|> Pavis was a proper city before it got smashed by nomads and
|trolls. It had
|> proper farmers, proper soldiers, etc. These all got
|destroyed and we now have
|> a stinking fleapit of a place that is not good enough to exist within
|> Paragua's Walls. It might have been called the Kingdom of
|Pavis, or maybe the
|> Kingdom of Arrowsmiths or somesuch (ie not county) but there
|was agriculture
|> and farmers.
|> Keith N
|Exactly, I agree. I suppose the farmers at that time were also
|Heortling barntari.
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