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Roger Barnes asks

>Is there a handy 4-8 intro to Glorantha / Hero Wars kicking around
>that I can copy and give to new players not familiar with Glorantha ??

Funny you should mention that. Danny Bourne, Bruce Ferrie and myself were discussing this (at least from the HW perspective) between the HW demos at Dragonmeet yesterday. The online synopsis might help people who know the rules but is not very inviting to the uninitiated, and it certainly seems HW is a system that is easier to "do" than to "explain". Wesley's "worked examples" of character creation were very useful in helping me get my head around this, for instance.

An introduction to Glorantha in 4-8 pages is trickier since it depends on what aspect(s) of the world you are interested in, If you are looking at running a campaign in Loksalm, for instance, then discussion of Prax, or Palmatela or Vormain are not going to be of much use (and vice versa). The "What my Father Told Me" bits, which I believe are on the Issaries Web site are probably as good an introduction to your chosen culture as any

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