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> G'day all,
> My group of PCs have just reconsecrated a place of power to the Lady
> of the Wild (it was a Gagarthi shrine in the Far Place that turned out
> to go down to the roots of the land) and during the ceremony they
> asked for a wyter to be given to them from the Lady of the Wild (LoW)
> who had been summoned.

I presume this is a heroband 'guardian entity?' Wyter are usually clan or organization. I'd use the guardian entity rules recently put out by Issaries on the website but I'd make a few different rules for them as they are wyter.

Sacrifice strenthens them and this is something most guardian entities don't get.  

> Now I feel the LoW is a draconic manifestation of the ancient battle
> between giants and dragons that created Glorantha and have described
> her as such when the PCs got deep into the ritual (as opposed to the
> surface level which was an otter, that developed teeth and antlers to
> devour the sacrifice they had brought as the ritual began).

Interesting. YGDV! =) The lady of the wild, for me, is the Wild. All that is unknowable and strange in the wilderness.  

> Does anyone have any suggestions how the wyter would manifest ? The
> power levels will be worked out by the usual methods but they are an
> eclectic bunch of a Lunar, a Sartarite, a wild man hunter type, a
> Pavisite and a wizard (don't ask, old fashioned PCs at their worst).

Definitely a Guardian Being! I don't think a theistic wyter could cope with these. Hmm. A vingan, a morokanth, a minotaur, a dragnewt and an agrimori walk into a bar.

> I am leaning to animal spirits that appear as tattoo's on their skin
> but possibly could leave the tattoo's and manifest for dramatic
> necessity.

This is definitely dramatic and has a high coolness factor. Perhaps they change and alter at need? The tattoo changes shape depending on what blessing the hero is drawing on?  

> I am also trying to find a way to bind the group closer together (by
> trying to portray the Yelmalions and later the Yelmies of Tatius as
> the real bad guys committing atrocities) rather than the Lunars per
> se. So a wyter that is shared is better than a single item, spirit.

Clear cut logging? Vicious hunting parties? Something the Yelmites want that's up in the wilds that are so dark, scary and wild. Remember the Solar types like the world organized and preferably covered in rice paddies. I think a theme of wild vs control might work well in a lot of different avenues.  

> Also the draconicness of the LoW will hopefully give me a lead in much
> later for them to be behind the summoning of the Brown dragon.

Yep! That is a good thought. Someone has to talk to the darn thing. Or at least, be a part of the Dragonraising. Lots of fun. But even sheep-stealers have a part in that. =)  

> Any suggestions are welcome.

> Cheers, Andrew

Hope this helps!

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