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Date: 21 Sep 2001 21:35:20 +0200

Hi all,

I've been trying to find some reference to who the mother of Pavis's daughter Shelbaris might be. I haven't got the Pavis and Big Rubble book (it's rumoured to be in the mail), so just tell me to be patient if the answer is in there.

According to the Pavis stuff from Shelbaris came to the new city shortly after Pavis himself, but no mention is made of her mother.

There must be a reason she is not mentioned (other than the fact that no one (?) knows anything about her).

  1. Was Mrs Pavis his childhood sweetheart from Adari?
  2. Someone he met in Dragon Pass during his time there?
  3. Someone he met during his earlier travels in Prax, perhaps an Oasis girl (Mani's Clan?)
  4. A woman from the Horse Nomads?

Did she ever come to the new city, did Pavis marry any one else as part of founding the city. Any marriage bonds to Zola Fel, the Paps?

Curiously yours,

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