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Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2001 03:10:34 GMT

I'm in the middle of writing my first Hero Wars scenario, which is designed around a band of dwarves. Getting my players in the mood to roleplay Mostali is a challence, of course, so I wrote up this handout. Tell me what you think.

Newbies: this document contains an unofficial and possibly heretical interpretation of the Mostali view of chaos. Read at risk of your own corruption.

Non-newbies: Denounce me, I dare ya :)

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Document Gold-6347653-92363

Initial Briefing for COG (Cross Octum Group) Teams

The Plan

The world machine was damaged by the intrusion of chaos in the darkness age.  The Decamony has drawn up a Plan for its repair (report Diamond-1-1.) This Plan is correct, complete, and non-contradictory. We know this to be true because it is asserted by report Diamond-1-1, which we know to be correct, complete, and non-contradictory.

In its infinite wisdom the Decamony made the Plan extensible. The Plan states that attachments to the Plan are to be considered part of the Plan. Attachments to the plan have declared that all documents which refer to the plan (Diamond-1-1) by document number are to be considered attachments to the Plan. Attachments to the plan have declared that all documents must include citations of report Diamond-1-1 by document number.


Failing to follow the plan indicates corruption by chaos. Components corrupted by chaos cannot be repaired; they must be removed from the world machine, and the materials must be recycled so that uncorrupted parts can be substituted.  

Disobedience is not allowed by the Plan, and is a demonstration of corruption by chaos. Statements in contradiction to the plan are a demonstration of corruption by chaos. Heretical beliefs are in contradiction to the plan and are a demonstration of corruption by chaos. Waste and duplication are in contradiction to the plan and are a demonstration of corruption by chaos.

Personal Identification

Every dwarf is assigned a unique name at birth. Non-unique names would cause confusion, and thus waste, and would be an instance of duplication, none of which are allowed under the Plan.

Every dwarf is also assigned a unique identification number. This is engraved behind your left ear. The numbers are useful because, unlike names, they are unique. This prevents confusion, waste, and duplication, none of which are allowed under the Plan.


Every worker has a supervisor and zero or more subordinates. You are required to execute the orders of your supervisor to the best of your ability at all times. The plan decrees that your supervisor will be of the same caste and specialty as you, and will teach you the skills necessary to fulfill your orders.

In addition to your regular duties, you have been assigned to a Cross Octum Group (COG) team. The Plan recognizes that special tasks require cross-disciplinary coordination of workers in different castes and specialties. Each team is led by a supervisor. All team members, regardless of caste and specialty, report to that supervisor, who in turn reports to a Diamond caste worker.

Great confusion, waste, and duplication can be created by multiple supervisors issuing contradictory orders to a worker. Fortunately, that situation will never occur because the Plan decrees that each of us has one and only one supervisor, so that orders are always correct and never contradictory or inconsistent. If such a situation existed, it would be a clear sign of corruption by chaos, requiring repair by recycling. Understand how the wisdom of the Plan prevents difficulties and helps us overcome obstacles.

Defect Location and Removal

All members of COG teams are also members of the Diamond Defect Denunciation Network. The Plan specifies the creation of this network to facilitate the location and repair of defects in the workforce such as heresies and corruption by chaos. Your assignment is to monitor your COG team for violations of the Plan. This organization is secret. You must not inform your fellow teammates that you are a member of the DDDN.

Each member of the DDDN is assigned a Gold caste case officer. That case officer is your supervisor and you must follow the officer's instructions. You must report all defects you detect to your case officer, even if the defective part is your own supervisor.

Duties and Assignments

Your supervisor will inform you of your specific duties and assignments. Congratulations on your promotion to a COG team.             Received on Fri 21 Sep 2001 - 20:10:36 EEST

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