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From: David Cake <dave_at_Pp__Qrx18ASNmjG9ljvurs1gvYk4XFNd936k-GyYTpziOJdWmEA6_hU-sV_PKsmV4ZD95jt0Nx>
Date: Fri, 3 Mar 2000 09:10:37 +0800

>> Also, I'm tired of the biggest fighter on the PC side 'powering up' by
>> eating the trollkin (or minor bandits or whatever). Players are
>> to call them 'popcorn.' The only solution I have is to invoke the
>> leader fighting with followers rule to make the PC fight the group at
>> multiple opponents penalty.
>I thought about this when someone mentioned about "the guy who just
>killed the rest of your clan warriors and has blood up to his shoulders
>and 125 AP"

        The current rules make transfers and AP increases a lot less common.

        This was a major problem noticed during playtest - what I call the video syndrome - fight lots of minor guys to get the powerups before facing the end of level boss. So it was changed.

        They do happen, but a lot less often.

        I can see it happening occasionally - if you have just killed a whole bunch of people without tiring or getting injured much, you have a big advantage of confidence (on your part) and fear (on theirs), and you are probably really getting into your killing stride. But this should be an occasional happening, not the routine.


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