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Thot I'd pass this along.

It answers some questions, yes?

Jeff Kyer

Dear GTA,

This is being BCC's to you to protect the anonymity of some members.

Please take a look at the www.gloratnha.com site if you have not lately.

We have put up there the latest version of the HW rules, first three chapters, for anyone to see. Yes, you have already seen it before this with
your pass words, but this is so your pals can see it too.

This ought to answer some questions of the online discussion groups.

Importantly too, there you can see the new Issaries links site which is actually Kim Englund's old site. We are honored to be able to take this over and continue his great work. Thanks Kim!

Hero Wars is moving along towards completion. All of the contents and art
are finished. It is slightly delayed only because we are working with free
lance people now and I did not realize how much slower this would be in comparison to having the guy sitting right in the next room. It is frankly
quite agonizing for em at this stage, but the die is cast, the Rubicon is
crossed and the pot is on the boil.

We are also lining up all kinds of new material for the online site. We will be popping it out bit by bit but please jsut trust me for now when I
say it is really exciting.

Thanks for your patience on this.

Greg Stafford
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