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"roderick and ellen robertson" <rjrem-_at_YyoX8M-1G7HFp8B_WHlAsocjwQMUIcG5HO4fAp-tzVjujFqjL0of36cqqBzcrTDwOgD1alNfyQ.yahoo.invalid> wrote:
> > True. But the BHT have managed to hold a fairly nice chunk of the
> > Grazelander turf. And, without spiritual boostage (of which you
> > have a little per warrior, I think) they are very hard to affect.
> > is one of the advantages of Sorcery -- it appears to be more
> > and portable.
> >
> > I suspect the problem would look something like Cataphracti vs
> Exactly. *If* the BHT can close with the Grazers, they will probably
> them up. On the other hand, if they advance too far the grazers will
> up the camp/footmen.

A similar problem faced the crusaders, but they found that as long as they engaged in hilly terrain, they were able to close and flatten. It was only on more flat terrain that this became and impossibility or only likely if the enemy were idiots. The Grazers would have been unable to defeat the BHT in open battle and a war of raid would have been less effective for the Grazers because of the BHT ability to assail the Vendref and wipe them out. The Grazers are really very vulnerable as nomads, if they even qualify for the title.

BTW, I love the BHT in the HW rules, great job RR and GS!

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