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> Hey,
> I think that Urox is a being that exists on both the spirit and
> planes at the same time. Either he is there himself or his worship
> forced two different entities together.

My appraoch would be to classify him as a Greater God/Spirit with both a Animist aspect and a Theist aspect. I think this would also allow other aspects of the Greater deity to be discovered as well as allowing crossover between the types when a priest or leader of one "discovers" that they are in fact the same entity seen through a lower level of understanding that can be achieved by the mere mortal. Personally I think he and Bisos might well be two aspects of a greater, unidentified god. In many respects he is similar to Shargashs ability to use destruction to bring back life, as the Bull uses it to counter chaos which is itself an entropic function in Glorantha.

Interesting debate!

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