[hw-rules] Combat example in 'initiate' rules

From: Richard Develyn <Richard.Develyn_at_o4u4vfGIrkdlPAyWVe8yzyPlIMLG_oqB_t51YvYPwdKZwT-3glZBwx4W7HvOCzC>
Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2000 14:13:45 -0000

In the initiate dowloadable rules (sorry for those guys who haven't seen this) there's an example with a Dark Troll and some trollkin fighting a party of Orlanthi.

First thing is, the Trollkin are supposed to have a skill of 6 with their club, yet they are given 12 APs. Is this a mistake or have I misunderstood something?

Secondly, why aren't the Trollkin simply treated as followers of the Dark Troll? Wouldn't this be the way you would normally deal with these sort of encounters?

In fact, say you were attacked by a pack of (anything - e.g. zombies), would you make them all individuals or would you nominate a leader and have the rest as followers? I like the idea of the latter because it makes encounters quicker to resolve (can you remember how long this sort of thing took with RQ). What are people's feelings?

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