[hw-rules] Re: Skirmishes

From: Morthander <morthander_at_xdDkKFmr0bjTdsEGA-W58JmLl4XH5uK59ZIz3COAbK7zdtYmpwduqWOoOC26jlSIVBPu>
Date: Thu, 09 Mar 2000 10:13:38 -0800

> <<The other advantage of combining in this way, is that it actually
> the players a tougher opponent and maintains the narrative quality of
the HW
> rules IMO.>>

> I agree with you, Martin. Some of my players would not... Not that
this have
> to necessarily mind you at all, but I will have some difficulties, I
> afraid.

Wiggy, I can't remember a time when my players argued with me over rules and rules interpretations or when I chose to ignore rules for speed of play and story quality. Is this something many GMs worry about?

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