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Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2000 19:44:39 -0500

> From: Michael Cule
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> >Since Storm Bull is Waha's father it seems clear why he would live there.
> >married Eiritha and brought his kin with him to Genert's Garden. I'd like
> >hear how the Heortlings got to worship the Desert Storm.
> Damn I forgot that... But I'm fairly sure that it makes more sense for
> him to be Orlanth's kin rather than an adoptee like Elmal.
> In other words the Barbarians knew him before the nomads.

Assuming that the Bemuri hsunchen of Ralios didn't know him even earlier (like during the Wakboth wars of the GodTime) as their totem spirit, who was then adopted by the Vingkotlings (or even *their* predecessors) around the time that an army of them moved through their territory to Genert's Garden in response to his (Genert's) call (much like the Bison riders employed by the World Council of Friends in the liberation of Dara Happa).

Certainly, the Bull was known by both the Bemuri and the Vingkotlings, and probably other Storm barbarians, long before there were Praxian nomads (ie, while some of them were still Genert's pets running around in his perfect Garden and others still outside [eg, the Bison and Rhino tribes don't seem much like the Tadashi or the Golden Age pygmy tribes] looking in).

A major storm spirit could easily be promoted to godhood among the Orlanthi, and so many generations of them would worship him as a member of the Storm tribe that any problems with less efficient magic from worshipping a spirit would have been covered over. At worst, it might affect heroquestors going back to the early Storm Age who then try to recover Bull magics while there.             Received on Thu 09 Mar 2000 - 16:43:43 EET

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