[hw-rules] Re: limitting oponent skill and gambling 0 AP

From: Richard Develyn <Richard.Develyn_at_8Xgp6Zdi5Di8NsvxJuG09Al2qzNaRcGbIOphQ2Sn3jvKKwSXMU-8ptj38jFgH0l>
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2000 10:52:30 -0000

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>Sorry, I should have read the rest of your email before replying - I just
>repeated what you said. I agree, though, I think this is the way it should
>Having said that, I don't think comparing to RuneQuest is very useful -
>are going to be many places were players are going to say "But in RQ I
could do
>this - and this was better than that".

Fair enough.

I wasn't trying to compare to RQ, though. I was just following from a previous post and the idea of being able to talk your way out of anything.

Selection of 'oppsing' skill is a very important issue.

Since APs don't mean anything permanent until one person is reduced to below 0 the best skill to be good at is going to be one you can apply to as many different situations as possible. Having a skill 'talk your way out of anything' would be awesome.

You try to attack me, I try to talk you out of it. You try to cast a spell on me, I try to talk you out of it. etc.

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