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From: Rick Meints <RMEINTS_at_-XG1V7wJotPeFQDSUvD3SEZu0jqpsaFuxHTC0Px2YCBx5vrNjExrSoITrNAgsVWFDr42VGr>
Date: Mon, 13 Mar 2000 08:41:06 +0000

I'm sure that the following statement will probably only provoke anger, but I've watched the combat debates for the last several weeks and can't hold back from saying it any more:

Hero Wars is not basing its success on being a realistic combat simulator.

There, I've said it. Now let me explain what I mean before you jump all over me. Hero wars wants to have a simple combat system which doesn't take too much time. It will never have an officially published set of rules for combat that comes anywhere near the detail of RQ, in any of its official forms. That was specifically the deliberate intent of the designers. You may violently hate that idea because combat is your favorite or one of your favorite bits of the game, but you had better brace yourself for disappointment then.

Hero wars wants to focus more on epic things. Big negotiations, being a clan, becoming a god, Heroquesting, toppling Empires, vast conspiracies. It also wants to allow players to argue, debate, and be a part of plot and intrigue. Think of it as more like King of Dragon Pass than a dungeon crawl.

Don't get me wrong, combat is expected to be a part of the game; just not on the level of detail that some of you would like. If you are used to RQ combat and want Hero Wars to allow you to do the same you will be majorly disappointed. Take what you like from HW for background and keep playing using the RQ Rules in that case.

OK, now tell me how Hero wars is DOOMED to FAIL MISERABLY because the combat system is so full of holes you can fly the Crimson Bat through them...

The Cat is amongst the pigeons,
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