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Michael Cule a écrit:

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> writes
> >I'm curious as to how would you treat a skill such as "tiny 14w"?
> I'd do it by adding something to
> the outcome table in combat so that he is more likely to be seriously
> wounded or killed if defeated.

  1. Well Well, I think i'd like something like a good old knock back effect ... Which could/not mean a more serious wound depending on situation (or an ?improvisation? negative modifier due to the knock back in
  2. By the way, to me the system viewed only from the web, seems very etheral (a very intellectual/cold system) This is both a good point ( more flexible, open to description, probably more fit for the Hero level, where a single RQ exchange of blows). And a bad point (more work to make it graphical, more work for the players/ referee to establish conventions if they don't want the system to become an exchange of "how much do you bid?" "Errg, ... 4APs" "Roll joe, ... well you lose a time 2 etc.")

Hopefully the final printed rules (and so awaited!) contain lots of role playing examples.

I think I'll ask my players to all have a dice of a given color (say white for ex.) to act as their AP biding dice and to do graphic descriptions.

3) What of bookkeeping aids for contests? anything provided within the boxed set? anybody has already devised something?

4) Anybody in for a HW/RQ x game in Madrid (spain)?            

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