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Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2000 11:40:02 -0500

David Cake wrote:
> >Hi all
> >Like everyone else, I have no patience, and want all the rules NOW...
> >However, I'll limit my following questions to the 3 chapters on the
> >Issaries website, plus stuff I've read here... I have to say, so far I
> >find the HW rules depressingly vague... some will say 'adaptable'.
> >
> >1) I assume from various bits that each hero has, in combat, some
> >attack Edge (from weapons, Strong, magic, etc)and defence Edge (armour,
> >shields, Tough, magic, etc). Right? But, with stuff like Tough, Strong,
> >and various magics where the Edge is rolled for, not fixed, do you roll
> >each exchange, or just once at the start of an extended conflict?
> Generally, just once.

And things that should be 'automatic' like strong, fast, My God That's A Huge Troll, and so forth I just roll as a matter of course. Anything that takes an act of will (Loves a Fight, Feats and so forth) takes an action to put into effect.  

> Yep. Strikes seriously kick arse (a bit too much IMO).
> Cheers
> David

Much smiting!

But strikes are tough to get. Most are cult Secrets and that is NOT a common thing to know. So, if you're running about with Thunderbolt, then you're *someone*...

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