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Roderick and Ellen Robertson wrote:
> > I understand what you are trying to do here and I agree, but I have some
> > more questions on this situation:
> >
> > 1. Cyrano is the Actor and attacks with his Rapier Wit. Can the troll
> > defend with his Great Maul at a huge improvisational modifier? (Reasoning:
> > The troll intends to clobber this guy, not listen to him.)
> Yes. In the example of Cyrano and the fool, the fool did, indeed use his
> sword as a defense (I'd have to re-watch or reread to make sure if he tries
> any witticisms of his own, its been a while...) Of course, Cyrano was using
> his fencing to augment his Wit, so there *was* a physical element to the
> contest as well.

His witticisms were all turned into springboards for Cyrano's much, much sharper repartee.

A clear case of having a Mastery advantage.  

> > 2. Same situation: At the metagame level, Cyrano's player should stake a
> > lot of AP on this first exchange in order to deplete the troll rapidly. Do
> > you think that this is okay or do you see a limiting factor that the
> > Narrator could apply?
> I think it is okay. When Cyrano bids in the first exchange, the fight is
> primarily one of Wit, even if the troll is planning on retaliating
> physically. If Cyrano can achieve a 1-round knockout, why should he be held
> back?

Yep. And it gets rid of the situation.

This Oscar vs The Troll seems to have taken on an unholy life of its own.

Welcome to our first list 'injoke'...  

> He is demoralized. He has lost the will to fight. The circumstance of the
> fight is of utmost importance at this stage - what was Cyrano trying to do?
> Why did he chose Rapier Wit as his ability when he started the fight? Since
> he obviosly wasn't trying to injure the troll, what *was* he trying to do?
> Whatever it was, he is able to do it now. The Narrator must have agreed that
> Rapier Wit was a good ability for whatever Cyrano was trying to do, so the
> narrator must decide what the troll's reaction is.

This makes sense. Victory often happens in one's oppnents will to fight....  

> > 5. General thought: It has already been discussed that in order for
> > Oscar/Cyrano/whoever to use Rapier Wit, he must have skills in Uz Culture,
> > Uz Language, etc. There doesn't seem to be a mechanic on hand to apply
> > these handicaps. Should the Narrator determine them by rolling on the
> > Augmentation Resistance Chart, has there been any thought about
> determining
> > an Edge or Handicap from a raw ability score, or is the Narrator supposed
> > to wing this? If the last option, do you have any helpful guidelines?
> You can play it several ways:
> 1) It is a pre-requisite that you have a high level of the language in order
> to use your Wit (possibly using the lower rating of the Language as a limit
> on the Wit).
> I would personally use this in the case like this, where you are trying to
> use Wit against someone's native lanuage.

This is a sailent fact that many of the posters forget -- our situation does require Oscar (or the much cooler Cyrano to be able to communicate in the troll's language AND have a grasp of his culture.

Telling a Troll his parents is illegitimate is not really going to bother him (a Huschen might not undestand the concept!). It will drive a bona-fide Yelm Imperator into a frenzy!  

> Roderick

Thanks Rod! I'm printing this one out and handing it to my players. Here, have a sheep.

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