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Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2000 09:43:27 -0500

> I don't see this in the rules (please correct me if I am wrong), but I
> recall seeing somewhere that the AP bid should match the stated action. For
> example, a description of a perilous action should be matched with a large
> AP bid, while tentative conservative actions should be matched with low AP
> bids. Questions:
> 1. Is this true? Is this mentioned in the rulebooks?
> 2. If true, what is Cyrano doing that is so spectacularly dangerous so as
> to justify a large AP bid? (When I first made this point about whether
> Cyrano takes a modifier in order to make the large AP bid, I had in mind
> the technique of matching risk to AP bid.)
> Thanks,
> Andy

It does mention that a high AP bid should be matched by a risky or spectacular bid. I brutally cap a player's AP bid if his bid doesn't match his action

(Actual Example: "I cautiously defend myself with the spear, warding off arrows with my shield -- oh and I bid 10 AP." He was told he could bid 3 for that)

Remember, funky actions can generate edges their own right.

Swinging from chandaliers and rescuing the girl is a GOOD THING. I want heroes, not accountants. Okay, for my Lunar Army Game, I'd want at least one bookkeeper. But he's got to be a heroic bookkeeper.

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