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Alexandre Lanciani wrote:
> Hi all!
> How do you handle a reward in money using the wealth rating system? I give
> hero points that must be spent to increase the wealth rating, but if you
> have better ideas I'd gladly accept them. Gifts are easier: you choose the
> gifts' level and then let the character choose the specific gift whose value
> is lower than the gift's level.

Points to Wealth is an acceptable method. I use it myself -- particuarly with regards to sheep. But having a generous chief or leader gift the heroes with 'something nice' is a good idea. Its always best to work it out in advance what you think would suffice and then give it to them. To do otherwise is kinda like a 'gift certificate' I hate getting those at Christmas! Besides, the players may have some nefarious plot that could be advanced by letting them coose their gifts... On the other hand, it would test their modesty and humility (Oops. Wrong game!)

A good example of this is the gifting at the end of the "Thule" scenario in RuneQuest Vikings.  

> The introductory scenarios usually interpret situational modifiers as
> edges, frex the dog-men of the first scenario have a +6 edge to flee in the
> woods. Why don't use the standard bonus and penalties to the skill?

This is for an extended contest, rather than a contested one. The Edge works because its *situational* rather than something generated by an augment or a feat.  

> Let's say that a character has a "shy with women" ability (as a personality
> trait), but tries to seduce one. I could give him a negative edge whose
> resistance is equal to or lesser than his trait (if the trait is 12 then
> a -4 edge) or, allowing for the women's personality, choose an edge and then

A negative edge is called a handicap... and that's how I'd do it -- trying to seduce the lady would be much more difficult in that he would have to bid more (and gain less) according to his handicap -- this would be different than a 'negative augment' provided by a "flaw" kinda of skill.

> rolling the trait vs. the edge's resistance. Frex if the women is very
> blunt, she would aim at giving him a -6 edge but in doing so he may be
> shocked enough to surmount his fears. The first method is faster and less
> prone to strange results, the second is more elegant because more coherent
> with the rest of the system. What do you think?

Hmmm. I think it would depend on the woman, yes? It usually does (chuckle)  

> Actually, I love the vagueness of both mundane and magical abilities. It is
> a challenge to my imagination to understand what my character can do and to
> invent a story which makes it plausible. And the aim of RPGs is to challenge
> our imaginations, isn't it?

Yeah. The Blind Taste Test is finding this fascinating. We DO have a resident powergamer so we've gotten very aware of how the game can be abused but, frankly, I'm finding it very good to have my mind and imagination stretched.

> This is enough for now. Thanks in advance for the answers.
> Cheers,
> A challenged Alex.

Not sure my answers are helpful but they are answers. Kinda. Sorta.

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