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Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2000 17:50:06 -0800

> apparently. I like the AP mechanic, but I *am* having trouble
> internalizing it as the best possible method for resolving all
> circumstances.

It was never put forward as the best possible resolution system. It is one of three resolution systems in HW - the others being Ability test (for situations with no real resistance - shooting an arrow at the target with no wind or distractions, just "do you do it?"); and the Simple contest for situations with resistance, but no real back & forth (say, shooting *one* arrow at a moving target). The AP system is for situations where there is not only resistance, buut also a back & forth nature to the contest (shooting a series of arrows at a moving target).

To use your Football example:
An Ability test might be to throw a football through a 1-yard hole in a target.
A single play could be done by a Simple contest The entire game could be done by an Extended contest

If you want to run combat as a series of simple contests, you could, but then you lose the bid structure of the Extended contest, and the fight is over in one exchange (unless you want to use the consequence chart as a "wound chart" and drive the oppoennt down to "dying" to end the combat, ignoring the "victory" or "defeat" aspect of the chart).

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