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Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2000 11:46:20 +0200

Steve Lieb:

> It's for this same reasoning that using the AP system for combat is in
> total disjunction with having a range table for missile weapons, for
> example.
> As was mentioned previously I don't think I'd even count
> arrows, using the HW system. Why? If someone buys 120 arrows when
> they have a chance, does that make ANY difference to whether or how
> they succeed in an archery contest? No. So why count them, if they
> provide no advantage? It's what my players will say. Call it carping,
> call it whining, but that's the truth and as a Narrator - and as
> someone who would very much like to run a demo game - I NEED TO HAVE AN
> ANSWER, and at this point (for a very narrow aspect of the otherwise
> great rules set) I don't have it.

        I think you are right here. If the game system is supposed to simulate whatever reality you assume as real, HW reality doesn't allow for missile weapons range or munitions count as a separate factor. Why? Because IMO all these things are subsumed by AP. As is cover and movement.

        Frex, during a session the heroes were closing to a group of trollkin while being shot by the monsters. I ran it as a concurrent contest between the hero's chosen movement skill and the trollkins' skill with the sling. If the trollkin were reduced to 0 AP the heroes succeeded in closing, otherwise they were forced to retreat past the slings' range. Everything else was a matter of description, even the trollkin running out of munitions.

	A descriptive Alex.

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