Re: [hw-rules] Re: HP bumps.

From: Alex Ferguson <abf_at_0ZRh5LchQHpf8Ry13XF8k86DmrKun1QQ3OZG6P7sna8cT7IgF30WzJ5ual4VvFnrrQm7EQE.yah>
Date: Thu May 02 17:35:24 2002

> For the record, my Vingan currently has a stock of 16 HP. Why have I
> kept so many? My character conception is that she is a skilled
> heroquester. My stock of HPs means that she can get through a
> heroquest at short notice.

I'm a little disconcerted by this... Not the amount, I've had that and "worse" in my previous game. But the apparent implication that HPs are a "game world thing" even in a vague sense is troubling. Do all "skilled HQers" have 16HP, rather than having HQ-related abilities per se? Is this is the case, then a) NPC HQers are going to be all sorts of fun to meet, and b) the HQ rules are broke (as well as being largely non-existant).

What's the concensus on this? Are HPs a purely Narrative thing? An entirely game-world thing? Or some squishy combination of the two?             Received on Thu 02 May 2002 - 17:35:24 EEST

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