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Date: Fri, 3 May 2002 13:16:58 +0100

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Alex Ferguson [>] and Charles [>>] wrote:
> > My view is that a Narrator character with Hero Points should be rare
> > but definitely should occur. One problem with player use of hero
> > points for bumps is that players can become blase about it (oh, we
> > won't bother to plan - if it goes wrong we can always use hero points
> > to fix it). A narrator character with a stock of 3 hero points once
> > in a while will fix this attitude!
> >
> > Without this occasional shock, a campaign can run the risk of
> > becoming of the Monty Haul type.
> I don't entirely disagree, but isn't this precisely the "thwart PC use
> of HPs" syndrome that I mentioned? (Yes you can effect the narrative,
> except when I decide to entirely negate it...)

I think that giving NPCs HP will allow the players' Heroes treat the Narrators NPC villain to be treated like a player character i.e. with respect. The villain will be able to counter the good luck or fate the Heroes have and would_probably_ escape that big climatic fight at the ending of the episode ("that explosion that we easily survived *must* of killed the Eevil-man!") with-in the context of the rules.


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