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Yes. HP bumps are appropiate for a character who is occasionally lucky at crucial moments, I think attribute increases or even a Lucky attribute would be more appropriate for someone who is consistently lucky.

>if you have abilities
> like Blind Dumbassed Luck, or, Destined to Become King of Sartar,
> you may wish to resolve contests in which these get use in
a "narrative
> stance" in the jargon.)

Destined to Become King of Sartar is a kewl ability, ideally for use as an augment whenever striving towards the goal but probably also very handy for relighting the flame of Sartar as a direct ability roll. I don't view it in quite the same light as HP bumps however, its directed and specific and constant - HP bumps are none of those things.

I do see a distinct difference between someone who is Blind Dumbass Lucky and someone for whom the fates appear to be on their side. I guess my point is that the fates are not blind, they intervene only at dramatically important moments, by contrast that Blind Dumbass Luck will help you as much (or little) when its a trivial matter as when its world-shattering. Of course fate can be fickle because players have been know to use HP when there was little point and not use them when they really should have, ho hum.

> I'm not myself instinctively either instantly convinced by or
> opposed to this idea, just trying to tease out the logic of these

I'm certainly not going to get worked up about it, I just thought it was the sort of attitude or belief that a hero might hold IC.


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