HP again.

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Date: Sun, 5 May 2002 21:49:12 +0100 (BST)

Ian Cooper:
> I think that the way to judge this is from the
> players. Do they feel that Barwulf and his kin are
> their nemesis, and mutter their names regularly - then
> Barwulf and his kin deserve some HP in the final
> showdown. YMMV.

You'd want to be careful about introducing too perverse an incentive, there...

I take Ian's point about some NPCs in some "deserving" a certain of "plot protection", in a way not entirely dissimilar to PCs. I'm just wondering if there might not be a somewhat more refined way to express this, without any radical revision. In order words, _what_ sort of part of the narrative is it that a given character is staking a claim on? (I suppose "their own continued existence in it" would be an ever-popular and pretty flexible one...)

My worry (if it even rises to such) is that whatever the rationale, the _use_ of HPs may end up being "gamist". (Which is unfortunate if the players think of them that way, and deeply troubling if the GM does...) I'm not _that_ disturbed, mind you: for all the hoarding that happened in my last game, I certainly wouldn't have said anyone ever _spent_ them on bumps excessively or cynically.

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