First Aid

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Date: Mon, 06 May 2002 22:06:51 -0000

Anyone care to help me understand how First Aid works in HeroWars

As far as I can see it is only of immediate use in dealing with
"HURTS", If you are "INJURED" or "DYING" then you need some sort of
magical aid in order to recover immediately (although first aid may
"keep you stable" or allow you to recover better/quicker "between

As I read the rulebook it suggests that to heal a HURT character you roll against a target number of the ability +1 per hurt (or something like that - rule book not immediately to hand) - which seems a bit odd - that suggests that if I have a First aid of 12 and I want to cure another characters 1 hurt the I would roll vs a resistance of 13, but if my first aid were 5W I would roll against a resistance of 26. Now while I can see the attraction of First aid not being (a) useless to beginning characters by having too high a resistance and (b) automatic for high level characters due to too low a resistance, I do think this causes a problem if for any particular injury the devotee of Chalana Arroy has the same chance of succesfully using first aid as any other character...             Received on Mon 06 May 2002 - 15:07:17 EEST

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