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I have some questions about awakened items. Pella can awaken clay items, Orstan can awaken wooden ones. The wording of their secrets is basically the same (quoting from Thunder Rebels for Orstan): "Awaken wood (The worshipper an use this ritual to awaken anything created using his work wood affinity. The thing's natural daimon soul becomes active at a power level determined by the victory level and the secret's ability rating. The daimon acts primarily to protect the object from damage and theft but can also interact with its owner.)

I have two questions. The power of the daimone is determined by the success and ability level of the awakener….but in what manner? Say you have a secret of 4W, what strength of Daimone do you get with a minor or major success? For that matter, what sort of contest? An ability test? A simple contest against default resistance 14?

My second question is how does the daimone interact with the item's owner. Mental communication is the easiest way to rule this, but would that be only when touching, or allowed at some distance? Maybe making mental contact has a certain resistance, so depending on the daimone strength it might or might not manage to talk at a distance. Or is mental communication too fancy? Maybe the item hums or gets warm or otherwise cryptically signals, in much the way that the clan wyter does?

One thought on Daimone strength, to ignore what is written, is that you have to roll a simple contest against the strength that you wish the daimone to be. On any success you get the daimone at that strength. With a marginal/minor success however the daimone will have drawbacks or limitations (perhaps no mental communication if that is standard, or certain quirks such as a cup that doesn't like strong drinks or a staff that is afraid of fire). With a major success you get the daimone as advertised. With a complete success it has minor additional powers (a cup can detect poison, or purify water that is put into it. A staff can strike otherworldly foes, or communicate with elves, would be some sample ideas).

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