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Of course, I started looking at this more carefully when I started working on a character who is intended to be all about "making" magic. The problem is that devotees of Allfather tend to face a lot of restrictions as heroes, so I was planning an initiate, but still it got me reading the rules more carefully, since you never know when devotion could happen. (quick note: making and allfather are very potent affinities, chock-a-block full of flexible feats for your noncombat  oriented hero).

Of course, at the high ends of a campaign a crafting devotee follower is not out of the question, and even starting characters can have mighty patrons, or simply right "has his father's awakened bow".....and then there are always more narrator controlled circumstances.
> I'd go for the "getting warm" approach -- mostly because I've
> never seen a "talking sword/staff/whatever that didn't give me an
> itch after a page (or scene) or two. You may have other

I know what you mean by how annoying the "talking sword" thing could be. Mind you, with an inexperienced player or with only one or two players it could be a useful "voice of the narrator."

> Now, really big projects -- say an awakened house -- might
> work like very small wyters with a very narrow mandate and sphere
> influence.

Yes, seems safe to assume that the daimone of an object to wyter of a small place is mostly a continuum, rather than a step function.

> I could even imagine these daimones getting more
> powerful with age, although heroquesting to get powers for your
> is a little much....

As a player-hero true, but for the narrator it helps explain all sorts of things. Basically let's you do many fairy-tale and horrorstory  type houses (and other locations). Sure, you can always just wave your hands, but personally I like to have at least a rough plan of how really weird things got that way.

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