Re: I forget the subject line, but, Edwards-style AP-lending.

From: wulfcorbett <wulfc_at_wsXpJOZqb5pktRgqTxPU7s177haEB3T4AnX64lj8IIR4hbw3mePlCC30vaPiGrrm3p-RGnzcf>
Date: Fri, 10 May 2002 11:58:25 -0000

> This is based on the assumption that APs represent damage.

No, it's based on the fact that negative AP represent damage AT THE END OF A CONTEST - I simply rule that, to coin a phrase, "Vor you, Tommy, ze var is over!". In other words, your personal contest ends when you go negative (barring recovery by your own actions), anyone aiding you must do so AFTER you suffer the consequences of your defeat. Once one entire side in a Group Extended Contest is defeated, AP mechanics can no longer be used.

And I did say the use of healing was only for a combat situation - other abilities would be needed for other situations.

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