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Date: Sun, 12 May 2002 22:25:47 -0000

Hi Graham,

You've had some good responses from David and Wulf on this, but let me just add a couple of extra points:

  1. HW contests are scaleable and *fast* - try playing HW for a while (so the players are comfortable with the mechanics) and then running a game with some other system that you used to think had neat, fast combat. We were amazed at how slow even 7th Sea felt. You can also use HW contests not just for a variety of contests measured olong the 'x' axis of everything from seduction and debate through to combat, but also the 'y' axis of 1-to-1 up to the clash of armies.
  2. Missile combat is a problem, but remember that you don't *need* to use Extended Contests. The archer could be acting as a 'sniper', for example, and it could be handled as a Simple Contest of the archer's skill against, say, the target's Dodge, augmented by range, or whatever, with the Ordinary Consequences Chart determining results. The virtue of this is that you need a Complete Victory to kill a target, which I think simulates the heroic aspect of HW well. This should be made clearer in the Hero's Book.

See you at C02!


Mark Galeotti

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