Re: [hw-rules] AP-lends.

From: Alex Ferguson <>
Date: Mon, 13 May 2002 18:10:35 +0100 (BST)

> > The logic of your earlier comment would surely be that if I do this,
> > I'm _still dying_, but am back in the contest anyway...
> I don't see the problem. Someone with, say, a severe stomach wound is
> certainly going to die if not given magical healing, but if they can
> somehow deal with the immediate shock of the wound they may well be able to
> act in the meantime.

I'm not claiming it's a problem: I'm just trying to get clear in my head what people's interpretations (or variations) actually are. Certainly the above corresponds to a feasible game-world (and RW) situation, I agree.

> There's a RW example of this in 'Such Men as Billy the Kid', an account of
> the Lincoln County War. One man in a gunfight was gutshot and left for
> dead, he managed to drag himself to a good firing position and kept the
> opposition completely pinned down until his friends arrived and finished
> them off. He died later but he'd completely reversed the result of the
> contest.

Noir(esque) fans will perhaps recall the film "DOA" (either version, according to taste).

Of course, there's are 'modelling' issues in the above: if you "lose" enough to sustain consequences, then you'd either need final action (and that's contentious enough...), or to get an AP lend to get you back in; neither of in any obvious way correspond to "apparently" losing the contest, then recovering. (You could deal with that in various ways though, I'm not saying it'd be a Big Problem.)

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