Re: [hw-rules] Re: Modelling EC consequences

From: Alex Ferguson <abf_at_EmlyUIYY4g5Xgr5c_60cMozLNjeSDhxmSyEqQSIXPU_9FXCU-DN85hdvVyTpODToa0_7pAU.yah>
Date: Tue May 21 10:59:15 2002

James Hawkins:
> Suppose PC1 does stay out of close combat range, and the enemies have
> no ranged combat ability. Even if his side wins in the end, the PC
> could still finish the contest on -ve APs if his rolls result in a
> forfeit for a round or two. By the EC rules he would be injured, or
> even dying.

Only if he was in a "physical contest", which from the above, it would appear he was not. Instead, he ought to suffer consequences appropriate to whatever it was his opponents were trying to do to him (and evidently, succeeded in doing).

Alex.             Received on Tue 21 May 2002 - 10:59:15 EEST

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