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Date: Sat, 25 May 2002 17:16:34 -0700

> >You want it good, or fast?
> I just want it timed. On the website it says 'Summer', but then again
> it still says 'January 2002' for the Hero's Book...
> If it's not going to appear this side of the first Christmas carol, so
> be it, I'll stop hoping for the new rules before I start imposing
> House Rules that may be made redundant by them, stop advising people
> to wait 'just a little longer' for the new rules before buying the
> existing ones (which are sold out anyway...).

I'd say that "This Year" is a reachable goal. I wouldn't go more specific were I in charge of production. (I have been in the past, for Pendragon products, so I think I have a clue of what I'm talking about). There is just too much at stake, and too much still being done, to nail down a date further. Of course, i'm also a pessimist when it comes to dates - if I say "Summer", I want to be d***ed sure that I've got my duck in a row and that it will come out somewhere in the summer months.

Personally, I hate to see dates slip - when I was still at Intel I had a boss who said "You always have a plan - the plan may change, but you always have a plan". My (unspoken to her) retort was "so what good is the plan, if it keeps changing?" I'd much rather see a tenuous date that looks reachable rather than watch the dates come and go (It's been driving me mad with my house, where I was told "It will be finished in May", It will be finished in July", It will be finished in August... September... October... before Christmas for sure..." And that was *last* year. It's still not finished, and it's almost June.

So for me, I'm willing to give Greg a bit of slack regarding the date he expects HQ to hit the streets, knowing that it will be a better product for not being rushed simply to meet an arbitrary deadline. I'm sure he'd like to release it for Origins (July 4) or Gencon (August 8), but if that means a product with as many flaws as HW, I'm willing to wait.

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