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Date: Sat, 25 May 2002 22:47:29 -0700

At 11:14 PM 5/25/2002 +0100, Wulf wrote:
>On Sat, 25 May 2002 15:20:58 -0700, "Roderick and Ellen Robertson"
><> wrote:
>>Heroquest will be a total package, replacing both the HW and Narrators
>Ah, yes, but WHEN?

When it is done.
It will not be done like Hero Wars. HW was a blot on my record as a publisher and game developer, and while I am sure someone will complain about the final HQ rules they will not have complaint about organization, spelling, editing, lack of examples, and other overt mistakes. I will not be ruled by a hopeful (but ultimately arbitrary) deadline, by the desire of you or me to "just get it done," nor by the convention or Christmas selling season, nor by money shortages. We are going to have a final, finished game when it is released. One that we can all be proud of, easy for new people to get into and that reproduces Glorantha (in game form) to my satisfaction. Or perhaps to repeat the old line, "next year."

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