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From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_35JUwoCinLk6rvmg4WKlEqgAGDEYkwhQhPbwf-0Q9g9QP4zPqOJcFLOsXv7LJ2r7_62EtT9q>
Date: Mon, 27 May 2002 21:58:30 -0700

> Damn... the more I think about this idea, the less sense it makes...
> treating Armour as AP is entirely the wrong way to treat it. Armour
> makes EVERY blow struck less likely to do damage, it protects you all
> the time you wear it. Treating it as AP is like treating it as
> ablative armour - the first couple of blows rip off all your armour,
> and thereafter it has no effect.

Sorry to have backed out of the "What's new in HQ thread", but the rules are currently in a state of flux so Greg doesn't want the playtesters to get too involved in detailing specifics, since they may change more than once between now and the published set.

However, this one is easy - Armor & Weapons aren't treated as AP, but as straight bonuses to Close/Ranged combat. The exact bonus that they will provide is one of those flux areas, so don't ask what the bonus for a Heortling broadsword is :-)

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