Re: Magical senses Vs Illusions

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Date: Fri, 31 May 2002 12:27:02 -0000

My take is that it depends on several factors - what is the ability rating of the Illusionist? - what is the restatnce rating?
If either of these is in the W3+ range then even "ordinary" people will sense that there is some big JuJu going on. Greg spoke about this at Tentacles. He mentioned that if you pumped up too much in preparation for an ambush then people could tell that there is big magic behind the hill.

Also, what is the intent of the Illusionist? Is it only to deceive the Truth magician or is it to deceive everyone? If it was to deceive only the Truth magician and he got a marginal or minor victory then I would say that others might notice (if they were looking in the right way).

If he got a complete victory and the SRP magician had a lower ability rating then I would say that that the SRP magician would not even notice that magic was being used. Major victory and/or high SRP rating would make adjudication difficult :-)

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