Re: Magical senses Vs Illusions

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Date: Fri, 31 May 2002 14:22:24 -0000

> It all boils down to who got the best level of success, plus
> what the illusionist was trying to create. If the illusion was
> intended to hide the Truth, and worked, then the Truth magician
> doesn't get the Truth. The Rune detector, then, would sense the
> Illusion Rune. If the illusionist knows the Rune detector is
> he might concoct some illusion that hides both the truth AND his
> Illusion...

In my opinion, it is also important to notice who/what the target of each magic is.

I mean (if I read correctly from Simon's description): Illusion guy targets Accused Guy to deceive Truth guy (the target is AG, even if the scope of the magic is to cheat TG); Truth guy targets AG but instead catches up IG magic (here is a direct confrontation between T and I magic) Provided IG wins (Simon says his magic is powerful), this fact simply affects TG and AG.
Since SRP guy targets TG, he simply senses that TG is using his Truth magic, but I don't think he senses anything else, unless his declaration is "I use my SRP to feel the general situation": in this case he gets a fair malus, but can equally sense the illusion since his target and the IG's target are not the same thing/person.

Clear (I doubt it)?

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