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Date: Fri, 31 May 2002 10:44:07 -0700

> Yep, Rorey knows all about it. Damn that NDA!

> > is anyone aware of the changes that will be in this version of the
> > rules? specificaly in the way magic will be handled.

There's no "e" in Rory...

Yes, absolutely correct. I *do* know the current thought (or at least, current-as-of-Tentacles), but I am constrained from telling (and so are the other playtesters at this stage). And it's not because Greg wants to yank your chain, but because some specifics are in a state of flux, so that what you might get told today isn't necessarily what ends up in the book.

Some of the changes are things that have been discussed on this list (and the others, when they stray into rules territory).

At Tentacles Greg discussed "Common Magic", a low-level set of magical abilities (you get to choose a certain number of spirits/grimoires/affinities, mix-and-match what you like). If you want to progress in the magical system of your choice/of your homeland, then you basically need to give up more and more of your Common Magic.

Otherwise, the basic rules remain the same - they still use the HW/HQ rules as the way to resolve contests. There will be some changes, but that's some of what I can't talk about...

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