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MessageGreetings and Salutations

Lawrence Whitaker wrote:
A busy week, here at Continuum central. Registrations are buzzing in, so those who aren't yet registered - get on the case! Full details on the website.

I think I've mentioned that Stephen Martin is confirmed as a Guest of Honour - check the website towards the end of today to see his real vocation in life - and the rather impressive tool he's displaying...

But it's not just Honoured Guests. There are, of course, the Friends of Continuum; those who've gone above and beyond the call of duty over the years that we wanted to extend our appreciation to. The List of Friends stands at, so far, Mr Dominic Mooney, Mr Martin Hawley, Mr Brian Williams and Mr Nicholas Brooke. We salute them hail and heartily.

Games. The real meat of it. We're proud to announce a new freeform and a new tabletop scenario:

Disaster 74! A freeform game written and run by Sue Lee & Mike Snowden. Cast your mind back to Boxing Day afternoon, and sitting in your mum's front room with nothing to do, and that post Christmas feeling.You've eaten your selection box, the head came off your Evil Knievel action figure, there were no spare bulbs to heat your Easy Bake OvenTM in the kitchen cupboard and you've got an awful rash on your thighs from your Polyester short trousers. On the telly comes Paul Newman and Shelly Winters in one of those Disaster Movies.

Your attention is drawn as they suffer terrible events, prove exactly why they have a dimply chin and piercing blue eyes, (or not!) battle against the forces of nature, and ultimately either make the final sacrifice so that others might survive or crawl bleeding from the wreckage, with the girl.

Well Disaster 74! is not entirely unlike that. If you fancy returning to the time that fashion forgot, listening to some very cheesy musak, playing a very stereotyped character, (who has every chance of dying) and not taking any of it too seriously then come along to Disaster 74! A 3 hour game for approx 16 players.

Warning! There really is every chance you will die. Especially if you're a bad guy, or you've just found true lurve. Please bear this in mind and if you're going to get prissy about it then this is not the game for you. And there might be guns, and some other bad things. Possibly. Okay, Probably.

Mine, All Mine... A Hawkmoon Adventure written by Gary Bowerbank

All is not well in the French provinces of Bordeaux and Dordogne. Princes plot, plots thicken, and the Messier clan gets messier. What has happened to Arthur Chiraq? What lurks in the Mines of Bordeaux? Are Beast asks involved, or is there something far more suspect afoot? Sign-up for Tragic Millenium mayhem in 'Mine, All Mine', and you'll find out if it's Yours, all Yours...

And just a reminder that casting for 'Cruel Hearts and Coronets' has opened. Casting information is available from the website and the files section of the Yahoo group.

Have a fine weekend,

The Continuum Committee

23rd-26th July 2004

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