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Date: Fri, 2 Apr 2004 22:37:42 -0800

> So, in essence, there's a single magical effect--"make this rune-metal
> strong enough to be useful"--which we call "enchanting", for shorthand. Is
> that what you're saying?

Pretty much.

> If a hero has the "enchant silver" feat, he can put this "make silver
> as bronze" effect on a silver helmet. Any success at all makes the helmet
> strong as an equivalent bronze helmet. In addition, the helmet gives an
> augment, in relevant situations, of (enchantment level / 20).
> The "enchant silver" feat doesn't put any more specific
> spells/effects/imbues on the helmet--the only thing it does is put that
> "strengthen the metal" effect on it.
> (Though, presumably, if the hero has some other crafting magic--say, a
> "cat's-eye helmet" crafting ritual--he could use his "enchant silver" feat
> to augment it, if the helmet's silver.)


Depending on how I was feeling at the time, I might allow "Enchant Silver" to be used as "Imbue Silver with Magical Effect", though I notice that the Iginew Redhands subcult of Humakt (Storm Tribe has "Imbue sword with Magic" alongside "Enchant Bronze", "Iron" & "Silver" feats. So I might not.

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