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>I think many of old RQ spirit magics now can be identified with common
>magics in HQ rule terms.

Yes (and several of my players have common magic with the RQ names). But...

>Though no "run out of bullet (magic points or non-reusable Divine Magic)"
>status in Hero Wars / Quest (Though penalty might be applied to sequential

...but they aren't used the same way as RQ. Common magic is typically used only to augment other abilities. You can't use common magic to heal a wound (unless you have concentrated in common magic, which seems uncommon) -- see p.104.

>(Mother's Little Helpers Common Magic might be identified with
>RQ healing spirit magic in "Masters of Luck and Death p.20, and Abiding
>Blessing and Spells might be identified with such Common Sorcery Spells in

Yes, but remember that you can have any common magic you like -- you are not restricted to any list. If you want your sorcerer to have Damage Boosting, Damage Resistance, Spell Resistance,etc. just list them as your common magic.


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