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Date: Mon, 05 Apr 2004 12:04:31 -0000

> Why not?
> Animists with a Heal common magic charm get it as active magic
> they become a practitioner.
> I thought the requirement was merely that they had concentrated
> had assess to a common magic effect (and still retained it).

I think you didn't read the context of conversation. What I confused is that Aeolianism is a misapplied worship and the character might already be tuned to Stormy Theism or needed not to concentrate. But I was wrong.

Though I don't have clear notion and don't have HQ book at hand now, so I can't refer how apostasy works to neither Grimoire Spells nor Formulary (Order) Spells tuned with talismans.

(I suppose many sorcerers are originally apostate wizards, fled from School and killed all pursuers by using "stolen" spells.)

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