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> > heal a wound (unless you have concentrated in common magic, which
> > seems uncommon) -- see p.104.

>Why not?
>Animists with a Heal common magic charm get it as active magic when
>they become a practitioner.
>I thought the requirement was merely that they had concentrated and
>had assess to a common magic effect (and still retained it).

True, there are other ways around it (which always make me wonder why anyone bothered to categorize common magic into feats and charms -- wouldn't any player decide that their common magic is all feats if they intend to become a devotee some day, and all charms if they're an animist?)

If you're an Aeolian, or other mixed worshipper, you don't get any special benefits for concentrating magic, so you won't be able to use common magic as an active ability.


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