Concentration and Misapplied Worship

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I am still confused, Roderick:

If I understand correctly what you said, all of Aeolians don't have any
magic to use far as I know, if you are a non- concentrated
theist, your magic can only augment mundane ability. (Or with severe
penalty, see "affinity" p. 118) It sounds to me very severe for I considered
the context about misapplied worship is only applied to improvement by
burning hero points for character skills. See p.110, a misapplied worshipper can get feats, but it is something strange to me if he cannot concentrate on
one of three magic systems, for theists cannot get feats without devotion,
thus, without concentration.

Is it wrong? Or I somewhere misread this rulebook for my lack of English ability?


> > >For purely in Game Term, I think concentrating to Common Magic
> > >means Concentrating Innate Magic.
> >
> > No, see p.108. Using Selfrock, "your hero can concentrate all of
> > common magic, not just his innate magic."
> Correct. You get to use all your feats, charms,spells, etc. as
> abilities, and use the "Concentrated" cost column on page 109.

As I wrote to David:
<<I suppose Selfrock Teaching is different from simple practice of "Concentrating to Innate Magic" (though I feel Rulebook p.108 was not somewhat written clearly about it, and both of them is rare). As "Masters of Luck and Death p.45" concentrating on one Primal Power (like Donandar or Lambril Concentration), it enables characters to use their common feats,
spells, charms and talents actively.>>

> > >And
> > >status of "Concentrating to Sorcery" doesn't change even if
> > >Teoberdt converts from Aeolianism to Rokarism.
> >
> > >(So I think Teoberdt (concentrating to Wizardry) can use his
> > >Magic Spell as active ability, though he must spend much
> > >Hero Points for he is a misapplied worshipper.)
> >
> > On further reading, I guess that's the best way to reconcile p.
> > ("no benefit from concentrating") with p.108. IMO this *is* a
> > benefit, but not as great as most concentrators get.
> The problem is that you can't concentrate to wizardy (or any other
> while using Aeolian magic, period. He will always be
unconcentrated as
> as he keeps his Aeloian magic, because the "Spell Plane" that he
is using
> isn't Sorcerous, it's Theistic. If he wants to give up all Aeolian
> sever his connection ot the God Plane, he can then concentrate on

Is it official Understanding? Certainly rulebook said, "Magic gained through misapplied worship does not benefit from concentrating", but successive passage didn't say that misapplied worshipper cannot concentrate.

> It's not exactly a common situation!

Aeolians are common people as far as I read Hero Quest Voices.

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